Yoga for Periods

Are you suffering from headaches, fatigue and severe cramps each month that slow you down and keep you stuck in bed?

You will be guided through easy therapeutic flows, designed to nurture your body so that you can be more comfortable during your period. With lifetime access to yoga classes designed to relieve your monthly period pains, you can find comfort every month with restorative yoga positions.

Period Yoga Essentials

Experience better periods

  • A nourishing yoga sequence for Day 1 and 2 of your period. Melt into your pillow and release any discomfort into the earth.

  • A restorative yoga sequence for Day 3 and 4 when you may experience a heavier flow.

  • A gentle sequence on Days 5 and 6 of your period to help replenish and restore your energy.

  • BONUS 1: Breathe into your womb space and dissolve your pain away.

  • BONUS 2: Find inner peace and balance with alternative nostril breathing.

  • BONUS 3: Float away with a special Yoga Nidra audio recording, an ancient yogic practice which rejuvenates and nourishes the brain and body.


Hear what other women have said

So relaxing


The flows are so easy to follow and really can be done without even leaving you bed. I'm grateful to have found a way to honour my period and relax. One of the best investments for myself in some time!

Calming voice


I've been practising with Maja since lockdown started and love the way she teaches, her voice is so calming. I followed the program on my last period and really felt a difference in my mood and the way my body moved, I felt so relaxed after, especially after the yoga Nidra meditation, thank you!

Recommend for heavy periods


I have heavy and painful periods and really wasn't sure this would help. My sister got this experience for my birthday and I'm surprised at how much I could actually relax with the yoga flows and the meditation. Couldn't recommend enough xxx

Given my body the ability to heal itself


Maja’s Pillow Yoga for your Period program has changed up my daily routine in the best way possible. On or off my period, her gentle flows give my body exactly what it’s craving. I’ve been doing these Pillow Yoga classes at night before bed, allowing my body to go into a deeper, more restful nights sleep. I am absolutely loving this course, it has given my body the ability to heal itself in the most relaxing way possible. I highly recommend this to anyone!

Did you know?

  • Period Positions

    Do you ever find yourself wiggling around, trying to find a comfortable position when on your period? There are easy and effective yoga poses to relieve the pain, so that you can get out of bed and enjoy your day.

  • 10 years of periods

    FUN FACT: The average woman will menstruate for around 3,500 days in her life, that’s around 10 years! That’s a lot of period days that could be made easier with yoga.

  • Yoga can be a natural pain relief

    By combining conscious breathing with gentle yoga we can help to improve circulation in the pelvic area, which means less menstrual pains. During our period your body’s energy is at its lowest. Practising yoga can help to support, nourish and calm the body and mind during this time.

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